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Projecting Cincinnati Bengals rookie ratings in Madden 19

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Projecting Cincinnati Bengals rookie ratings in Madden 19

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The NFL offseason means it is Madden 19 time, with the Cincinnati Bengals being one of the more interesting teams in the upcoming video game.

Those Bengals drafted 11 players and added other interesting names in undrafted free agency, making for a must-see influx of talent.

The Bengals don’t have many leaked Madden 19 ratings yet, and the ones that have aren’t official from EA Sports. Before real numbers drop, let’s take a stab at projecting the draft class.
It’s not hard to evaluate Price on film and assign him letter grades when formulating an overall rating.

Price is a nasty blocker with power a bit on the smaller side who can win with smarts. Based on his film in college and sheer versatility, this is a case of his talent weighing much heavier than draft slot. He was arguably the best at his position in the class, so he’s looking at one of the highest overall ratings for a first-round pick.
The same reason the Bengals loved Bates in the second round is why he’ll come close to an 80 right out of the gates — he’s everywhere.

Bates is a turnover machine and one of the few rare prospects who can drop back deep and let his instincts and range go to work. He’s going to do so right away for the Bengals, perhaps bumping veterans out of the lineup.

Expect high awareness and speed ratings here for Bates, who will add quite the fun element to the defense in Madden.
Hubbard seems headed for a rotational role with the Bengals in 2018, which isn’t a bad thing.

An endless motor and some interesting athleticism make Hubbard a threat in a rotation as deep as Cincinnati’s next year, but it doesn’t translate to a high Madden rating.

Longtime players of the game know the type, though. Hubbard is the virtual player who comes in when the starters are gassed and wreaks havoc.
With Vontaze Burfict suspended to start the season, Jefferson actually has a huge role to play for the Bengals on the field.

Jefferson shined over the course of his final collegiate year because he was playing more downhill and attacking. He should do the same for the Bengals right away, especially once Burfict is back.

Those in charge of the ratings though only have one strong season to go off of with Jefferson.
Walton’s sheer talent fell off the radar because injuries derailed his final season in college.

At his best in 2016 though, Walton drummed up 1,117 yards and 14 touchdowns on a 5.3 per-carry average and he’s now a possible Giovani Bernard replacement down the road.

Keeping the devalued nature of his position in mind, Walton will have a higher-than-expected ranking, even if he’s still the third-ranked back on the Bengals’ Madden depth chart.

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